production sound mixer

100 Correct Ways to Identify Your Sound Person

I’m an audio-sound-location-production-mixer-tech-engineer-boom-person working in Seattle, Washington. Seriously?! That would be an awesome title, but unfortunately it gets broken down into countless different names and titles. I’ll respond to each of them, but at the end of the day, I mic, mix and record sounds on location for film & video. Within that, the content varies from interviews, talking heads, ambient sound, on set dialog, voice overs, etc. All of which hover around the idea that there is a voice that carries an idea or story—I record that voice.



  • Sound
  • Sound mixer
  • Audio
  • Audio mixer
  • Engineer
  • Boom
  • Production sound
  • Production sound mixer
  • Production sound tech
  • Production sound engineer
  • Production audio
  • Production audio mixer
  • Production audio tech
  • Production audio engineer
  • Soundie
  • Soundo
  • Sound person
  • Sound guy
  • Sound man
  • Sound geek
  • Sound nerd
  • Sound specialist
  • Sound tech
  • Sound engineer
  • Audio person
  • Audio guy
  • Audio man
  • Audio geek
  • Audio nerd
  • Audio specialist
  • Audio tech
  • Audio engineer
  • Location sound
  • Location sound mixer
  • Location sound engineer
  • Location sound tech
  • Location audio
  • Location audio mixer
  • Location audio engineer
  • Hey you

My name is Luke Knecht and I mix and record location audio and sound in Seattle, Washington. I’m a location sound mixer, a location audio mixer, and I am available to work under those titles or any of the titles above.

Sound speeds!