Work of 2016

This year was exciting in the world of production. While the Earth circled the sun I had the pleasure working with incredible people on insanely cool projects. From holograms to music festivals, the variety of work in 2016 kept me grinning ‘til my cheeks hurt. Here is a snapshot of what the year looked like:

One of the first projects I got to work on in 2016 was a piece for Microsoft on Hololens: a one-of-a-kind hologram headset. In the course of a few months, Microsoft was able to build an app called “Galaxy Explorer” which basically puts you in a room with the Milky Way all around you. For this series, I recorded audio for many of the interviews and got to hear first hand what the process was like to build a galaxy from scratch.

KEXP - Ty Segall & the Muggers
This year marked my moving on from KEXP's employment as a videographer. While it was a sad parting of ways, I have since been working with them as a volunteer. One of my favorite moments from this year was the first ever live video stream from KEXP’s new home: Ty Segall. This video is not for the faint of heart, but it’s certainly entertaining as Ty ran around the room in a baby mask. 

In March, TEDx made their way to Orcas Island for a series of creative talks. Composting human bodies, big marijuana, and conquering fear with poetry were only a few of topics in the sea of creativity and entrepreneurship. I ended up both operating camera and editing this series. 

Malaria Research
One of the more unique projects early in the year was a piece in the Center for Infectious Diseases. One of their primary goals has been to research malaria through mosquitos and developing antidotes for those infected. Alexis Kaushansky is one of the main scientists and walked us through the incredibly delicate process of dissecting mosquitos and using that information to build research. It was an honor to record audio for this one, I still can’t believe how far that kind of research has come. 

Jack Endino
Jack Endino was the engineer on Nirvana’s album Bleach, Mudhoney’s self-titled album, and is one of the masterminds that spearheaded the grunge movement in Seattle. In April, we got to sit down and talk with Jack about some of the things that he wished bands knew before coming in to record. This makes the 3rd time I’ve recorded audio of Jack and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Radio Disney - Music in Our Schools
This project took me by surprise.  I received a call from Radio Disney in April and coincidentally, they were going to be recording at my old elementary school in Puyallup! Sure enough, the music program at Maplewood Elementary was featured as one of the best in Washington. Recording the music and the interviews was a great experience. So glad Radio Disney called me for this one. 

Collingwood Whiskey
In a small off the grid cabin at the top of San Juan Island I got to record audio for a few commercial spots for Collingwood: a Canadian whiskey company. Amidst whiskey tastings and fancy cocktails, the sounds from the top of the mountain were incredibly beautiful. Every sound was organic and unobstructed from human sound pollution. It’s hard to call this one work—it was nearly a vacation. 

Michael Robinson - Seahawks Training Camp
Yes, it was exactly what the title implies: Mike Rob hanging out with the Seahawks at training camp. For this NFL project, we got an incredible behind-the-scenes look at a day in the impressive Seahawks training facility. Mike was hilarious and it really was pretty special to see all the football players working. I recorded audio for this one.

VSCO Academy
If you haven’t heard of VSCO, you should check them out. VSCO is a company that develops film looks for editing digital photos. One of their new projects, VSCO Academy, is aimed towards educating their app users on how to approach photography. Their comedy was gold and it was super fun to listen to their banter both on camera and off. 

Capitol Hill Block Party
My year was packed with music and it would be inappropriate to not mention CHBP. I was part of the video team for this one and got to film to my heart’s content during the festival. Being one of the better lineups in a while, it was definitely the right year to go. This one was one of my favorite projects I was on camera for. 

C’mon Team - Totem Star
Without going into more detail, this project was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling to film for so many reasons. The people involved with C’mon Team are some of the most giving and kind individuals that I’ve ever met. I will never forget this experience. You can see more info in my previous blog post:

Chefsteps - Epic Grilled Turkey
Throughout the year, I recorded audio for a company called Chefsteps. They specialize in sous vide cooking and quite honestly the craft services during those projects cannot be beat. One of the year ending episodes involved sous viding a whole turkey and then grilling it. It was delicious—can’t wait to do more with Chefsteps. 

Farewell 2016, many thanks to the people that were a part of my journey. 2017 will begin a new voyage around the sun, and I can't wait to dive in.